Press Kit Slide Stars


Publisher: Lion Castle Entertainment

Developer: Triangle Studios

Release: Holiday 2020

Age rating: RP

Platforms: Playstation 4 (Digital + Physical), Nintendo Switch (Digital + Physical), XBox One (Digital Only)

Email:  valentijn[at]


About Slide Stars

Slide Stars is the first water racing platform adventure in which you can play with 20+ of the world’s biggest international social media stars. Players will be able to choose their favorite star, jump onto the ride of their choice, and blast through some of the world’s most crazy water slides! Slide, jump, and balance through insane tracks and overcome extreme obstacles. Are you ready for this extreme water slide adventure?

YouTubers, vloggers, models, health & fitness celebrities, and social media sensations of all varieties and nationalities have joined the cast of Slide Stars to find out if they will make it to the finish line!

Download the announcement video and gameplay images