Alan Stokes

“Don’t overthink your insecurities. Just love yourself and be yourself.”

Alan Stokes is the twin brother of Alex Stokes, and both are thick as thieves. Alan’s greatest passion is to make people laugh with funny pranks and hilarious challenges! Have you ever seen twins like these?

Alex Stokes

“Be yourself, be unique and most importantly love yourself. Because by the end of the day, you’re all you have.”

Alex Stokes is the twin brother of Alan Stokes, and these twins are definitely two peas in a pod! Just like his brother, Alex’ greatest passion is to make people laugh! Together they make great pranks, take on hilarious challenges and share personal QA’s for their fans. No twins are as charming as this dynamic duo!

Amusementforce - Greg

“Flying is always fun. Flying and falling into water is even more fun.”

Greg is the genius behind AmusementForce: the world’s biggest producer of video clips of all kinds of spectacular waterslides! His dream job has brought him to astonishing water parks in over 40 different countries! That’s why there’s no one better fit than Greg to challenge all crazy water slides in Slide Stars!

Amusementforce - Kes

“Love water and all life within.”

Kes is the female counterpart of AmusementForce, and the big love of Greg. Together they travel the world to do what they love most: video streaming the best and most crazy waterslides out there! 


“Stay true to yourself, no matter what others may think of it.”

Apored dominates the German YouTube gaming scene with millions of subscribers. Is it because of his unique sense of humor or his edgy pranks? Who knows. What we do know, is that this fashion-driven video producer and rapper his biggest passion is to combine gaming with making people laugh! 

Ben Azelart

“Never give up! It’s essential to embrace yourself and follow your dreams.”

Ben is one of the fastest growing stars on social media, and for good reason! A large part of his success comes from staying fit and healthy. He is a pro skateboarder who is always looking for adventure and who makes sure that every day is filled with fun. He has joined Slide Stars in search of a new adventure!

Brent Rivera

“The biggest mistake you can make is not learning from one.”

Brent Rivera is one of the biggest social media sensations of this era! He has a chivalrous and irresistible charisma combined with the attitude of never being afraid of any challenge: no matter how extreme or ridiculous. Brent is a prime example of how you can do everything you can to make others smile!

Doctor Mike

“Embrace your inner nerd. Proudly share your passions for what you love.”

Mikhail Varshavsky, better known as Doctor Mike, is not just any doctor. In fact, he has been crowned the sexiest doctor alive! He is a world famous internet celebrity doctor, who uses his social media to promote awareness of health issues. Besides that, he always makes sure to stay fit and healthy! If Mike can juggle work, his social life, and his Instagram fame, while still making time to hit the gym, so can you!

Enji Night

“Do what truly makes you happy!”

Enji is a world-class cosplayer and Hungarian model. Designing costumes and dressing up as a video-game heroine has become the most important thing in her life. Why? Because it makes her happy! What gives more joy than pretending to be a superhero, adventurer or martial artist? We know, right? Dare to dream!

Enya Wandres

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about dancing in the rain.”

Enya Wandres is the German social media sensation known for her popular videos! She regularly shares her breath-taking dances, her love for fashion, her big shopping hauls and sometimes even her own music! She did not only join Slide Stars because she is a role model to many girls, but also since she’s a vivid gamer!

Holly H

“For every reason you might have to be sad, there’s always a million other reasons to smile.”

Holly H doesn’t just stop at being the #1 TikTok celebrity of the UK. No, this self-proclaimed  ‘professional weirdo’ her ambitions are set far higher! Holly simply keeps on doing what she loves to do by acting, singing, dancing and everything else that makes both herself and her fans laugh.

Jeff Seid

“When you go through hardships and decide not to give up, that is true strength.”

Jeff Seid has a physique few can match and many desire! According to him, strength does not come from winning: your struggles develop your strength. Nowadays, he helps thousands of people with tailoring a lifestyle suited for them and make them reach their goal!

Kat Wonders

“Be kind, be humble, be-kini.”

Kat is a professional bikini model who helps millions of people around the world on how to make the right choice for their swimming outfit! She does so with her famous and hilarious try-outs! This time around she will test how well her outfit will keep during all crazy challenges in Slide Stars!

Luciano Spinelli

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.”

Luciano Spinelli is the #1 Italian social star on TikTok! This is all because of his great dancing moves, boyish charm and funny videos. His life motto is: have courage and be kind!

Lexi Rivera

“Take it easy. Everything will be okay.”

Lexi is not only the sister of super star Brent Rivera, but also a huge social media sensation in her own right! Just like her brother, Lexi likes to challenge people, prank around and in general fill each day with fun! Are you looking for a laugh or some new kinds of inspiration? You can count on Lexi!

Milan Knol

“Never grow old, boys and girls”

Milan Knol is the number one gaming star of the Netherlands! From an early age, he knew he had a passion for filming and making people laugh, something many think of but few bring into practice. Milan persisted to chase what he wanted to become, and eventually made a successful life and career out of this! 

Prof. Dr. Freek Vonk

“Celebrate all life on our planet. From small spiders and tropical plants, to huge crocodiles.”

Prof. Dr. Freek Vonk is a fearless biologist on a quest to encounter and film all species on the planet. From the jungle to the dessert, to the North Pole and diving into the oceans, dr. Vonk will go anywhere to fulfil his dream. Nothing can stop this brave adventurer from exploring the beautiful world around us!

Veronica Bielik

“Nothing is worth it, if you aren’t happy. Create the life you are excited to wake up to!”

How to become as fit as Veronika Bielik? It’s mostly a very clean diet, training regularly and never using the weekend as an excuse to skip a workout. She also believes that some positive energy, such as some gentle words or a warm smile can go a long way and accomplish miracles.